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To all the parents who are constantly anxious about planning a day’s meal, when all the thoughts revolve around what to cook that is delicious as well as nourishing so that they can feed their kids a balanced diet, all that while managing a tight schedule, seems like a dream. Your wish has been granted! as Make a Wish Box has finally arrived with scrumptious recipes to be delivered right at your door step! It’s the first ever cloud kitchen in Delhi NCR that solely focuses on making the meals convenient, wholesome, and less hectic for all the parents out there. At MAWB, we are devoted to using ingredients that will improve your child’s health as well as sharpen their memory.

When you opt for our meal boxes, you get:

freshly cooked, radiation- and preservative-free food items that are baked, not fried, because we make the food taste good but also healthier. We offer customised dietary options as well as a concentrated mix of ancient herbs to improve the gut health and immunity of your kids. They are the future, and we are here to help make it brighter, stronger, and smarter with our mouth-watering meals and a quirky surprise!

No matter where you are—at work, home, or working from home—as parents, the thought of your kids lacking in nutrition will never be a part of your worries now.

Make a Wish Box is committed to making your meals enjoyable, satisfying, yummy, and balanced all at the same time!

Our 5-course box focuses on getting every individual in touch with their inner child by providing fun activities paired with delightful meals. Our goal is to provide you with quality time in a box, not just tempting meals.

It’s time to bash all the stereotypes that make nutrition seem boring. Our exclusive boxes, which are prepared with love, clean ingredients, and herbs, are all set to brighten up your day! MAWB is ready to be a part of your birthday parties, picnics, play dates, and catering! because exquisite meals should always be shared!

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